- Motorbike Tourism in Italy

Motorbike Tourism in Italy

Motorbike Tourism in Italy - MOTOTURISMO IN LIGURIA E VALLE D'AOSTA - LIGURIA E VALLE D'AOSTA IN MOTO - ITINERARI MOTOTURISTICI - VIAGGI IN MOTO - VACANZE IN MOTO - Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica ‘s an amateur sport association member of the Sport Promotion Institution C.S.A.IN. and we're registered to C.O.N.I Italian Register

The idea comes out from the meeting of different people with different experiences but united by the passion for motorbike riding as a way of travelling, enjoy freedom and pleasure of knowing.

Coming from different experiences and places, with different history as bikers, we realized that sharing our roads, bends and scenery with other eyes and souls able to appreciate them, was our wish.